Nationalparks North

Nationalparks North

Serengeti is well known, even some know about Ngorongoro. But there are many more, it is worth to visit.
Different tpe of animals, also for bird watchers.
There are many attractive places.
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Nationalparks South

Nationalparks South

The southern region have also many attraction, its a must see. Ruaha, Mikumi. The Selous Wildlife Reserve is the biggest area in Tanzania. You can go game drive thze entire day and you don`t see many cars around.
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Varieties of Lodges

For a first overview about lodges and tents in the national parks, take a look.

Lodge Varieties-1

Lodge Varieties-2

Lodge Varieties-4 Lodge Varieties-5

Lodge Varieties-3

And we can also offer Budget Camping Safari

Lodge Varieties-6



Lodge Varieties-8

Accommodations in the traditional style

Lodge Varieties-7

Lodge Varieties-9

Lodge Varieties-10

Luxurious tents, all around service. No wishes remain unfulfilled.

Lodge Varieties-11

Unique prospects. Impressive experiences

Lodge Varieties-12

A lot of varieties we can organize for you, from budget to absolut luxury.