Mwanza is Tanzania’s second largest town and the economic heart of the Lake Region. Mwanza is located in the extreme northern part of Tanzania Mainland dominated by Africa’s largest lake - Lake Victoria.
Geographically, Mwanza lies between latitudes 1 30’ and 3 0’ south of Equator. The location - on the southern shore of Lake Victoria and the altitude - 1,134 m above sea level - ensures a fresh breeze, a very friendly humidity and a nice temperature throughout the year.




Lake Victoria abands




The town looks onto the lake, which includes dramatic views of the Bismarck Rock - a massive outcrop of granite. Mwanza is an important crossroad of the region - including several bus

The growth of tourism has come from a vast beauty of its surrounding area and its proximity to the various national parks - and Mwanza is a convenient starting point for trips to the islands in Lake Victoria - e.g. Ukerewe, Ukara and Rubondo and/or through the world famous Serengeti National Park.


Lake Victoria


At the lake