Hot Springs

About an hour and a half outside Moshi town lies this beautiful hot spring oasis. In the midst of arid desert you find a shaded spring of warm, fresh water, where you can swim and simply relax under the shade of Ficus trees. Sometimes you can even spot monkeys who come to play too. In the lower area of Kilimanjaro (in Hai), you can find Chemka Hot springs. Driving to a very dry area with scattered villages suddenly an oasis of green palm trees appear. From outside, it just looks like a bunch of palm trees, but if you find the entrance and you’ll get in you’ll find a clear blue pool of water with a roof of palm trees and ficus trees. Jumping in you’ll find the temperature of the water is pleasantly warm. It is like a blue lagoon where you can easily spend several hours to enjoy swimming in the water, listen to the abundant sounds of birds and even spot a genet cat. A daytrip including picnic lunch can be booked.

Hot Spring-1
Hot Spring-2