Hadzabe Tribe

The Hadzabe are one of the few true hunter-gatherer tribes left in the world. They live in simple temporary shelters and live by hunting by bow and arrow, using poisoned arrowtips for large game. They hunt for anything from mice to giraffe, with baboon being their preferred game. If they are successful in killing large game such as giraffe, often the tribe will simply relocate to the kill site rather than transport the game. They also forrage for roots and berries and are experts at herbal medicine. They create fire by rubbing sticks together in an amazingly short time. Their clothing is also based on availability, wearing animal skins, nothing or donated clothing. Attempts to bring the





Hadzabe into a more modern existance and give education to the children by the government has failed. They truely love their way of life but their hunting grounds are diminishing making their existance tougher.
They reside near the shores of Lake Eyasi as do the Nilotic-speaking Datoga tribe.
A tour will include the opportunity to go along on a hunt, experience their singing and dancing. This is an amazing tour of a vanishing lifestyle.

This tour can be added to any safari that is near Ngorongoro Conservation Area.