Stone Town


Stone Town is the capital and the political and cultural center of Zanzibar. The ancient history of the city is reflected in the narrow streets, the manorial houses, the mosques and churches,  the old slave market as well as the colorful and lively bazaars. You can visit the House of wonders, which received its name because it featured an electrical lift and electrical light already in 1886, or the  national museum. Early birds might also want to visit the fish market  with its hustle and bustle at sunrise.


Or you simply explore the many winding alleys including its retailers and  residents. To conclude this lovely tour, we recommend Mercury‚Ä™s  restaurant, which is named after the famous lead singer of the rock band Queen, who was born as Farrokh Bulsara on Zanzibar. Here, you can enjoy the harbor scenery in combination with a cold drink.

Duration: approx. 6 hours

Spice tour


Look behind the scenes of our spice racks. For a long time cloves, pepper,  ginger, oregano, nutmeg and much more was imported worldwide from  Zanzibar and therefore redefined the island as the island of spices.


Farmers from Zanzibar show you how spices and fruits of the island look like,  how they grow and flourish. They explain, how you can recognize spices  and fruits and how they are processed. You are also able to taste some  tropical fruits or spices, dependent on the season. Be enchanted by the  different smells and colours of the spice farms. Following, you may  enjoy a freshly prepared typical Zanzibar meal.

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Jozani Forest


This conservation area consists of mangroves, bush land, salty marshes and  the cooler tropical rain forest. You can marvel at many different plants and animals, which can only be found on Zanzibar. From gigantic  Mahogany trees to the unique red colobus monkey which are especially  spectacular. The monkeys run around in the reserve and you should take  care to lock up all eatables. During the hike through the rain forest,  you might also spot sunnis (small red deer), chameleons or even shy  leopards. With the help of a splendidly constructed footbridge, you are  able to explore the unique, thick mangrove forest. A well trained  national park ranger ( mostly English speaking) explains you facts about the flora and fauna of the park.

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Butterfly Centre


The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is the largest butterfly enclosure in East  Africa. Here you can walk among hundreds of free flying butterflies in  ZBC's beautiful tropical garden. At any one time, visitors will be able  to see many of Zanzibar's exotic butterfly species and witness, close  up, every stage of their amazing life-cycle.


Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC) is a popular Zanzibar tourist attraction,  especially for school age children and their families. Revenue generated by visitors provides funds for local projects in the form of  alternative livelihoods (Butterfly farmers were previously engaged in  deforestation activities)¬  conservation and poverty alleviation.

Duration: approx. 3 Stunden





The now specified  tours start and end at the Hotel of your choice. Prices are dependant on the fact, where your individual starting point is, how many people join as well as fuel prices. Please ask for individual offers.

By  request, we can offer you different water sport activities as well as  professional diving courses. Further, we are able to offer you wellness  and spa choices at Zanzibar.

Dolphin tour


This excursion takes you to the quieter south side of the island. You start to your dolphin safari with a small, motorized boat.


With a bit of luck, you might be able to spot the friendly mammals at close  range or you might also want to swim with them, in case you took your  snorkel and diving goggles. Additionally, you are able to marvel at the  fascinating underwater world of Zanzibar.

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Historical tour


The historical tour will introduce to you important historical buildings,  along the north-west coast. In Mangwapani you visit the former slave  chambers. In the villages along the north-west coast you visit numerous  historical buildings, which tell stories about ancient times and the  different cultural influences of the island.

In Stown Town, you are able to visit a museum or a traditional hamam. The  remains of an old missionary school can be visited in Mbweni. Here, you  are also able to experience the old influences, which formes the  culture, inhabitants and the lifestyle of sansibar up until today.

Duration: half day

North coast tour


You experience the Mkokotoni fishmarket first, before you head to the  island Tumbatu, where the ethnic group of Watumbatu lives. Here, you are able to experience, how inhabitants of the island are living.  Afterwards, you drive further along the north coast, which is a paradise for watersports. In Nungwi ‚Ä“ the most northern point of the island, you visit a little local company, which produces handmade traditional dhow ‚Ä“ which are used for fishing since centuries.

Duration: 6-7 hours

Safari Blue


With this beautiful excursion, you will drive with a little boat to a sandbank in the middle of the indian ocean.


Here, you are able to swim or snorkel. Refreshing fruits and coconuts are available.


Later, you willl be driven to a secluded island where you will enjoy a royal  dinner including fresh seafood and fish, decorated with zanzibarian rice and coconut sauce or fries. Enjoy the Robinson felling and relax in a  group or in pairs in one of these beautiful lagoons.

Duration: 5-6 hours