Dar es Salaam

White Sands-PalmTrees

Around Dar es Salaam are some nice beach hotels, a good choice between your activities.

White Sands:

White Sands-Hotel


Kunduchi Beach:

kunduchi-beach-hotel-1 kunduchi-beach-hotel
Kunduchi-Suite Kunduchi_room

Ras Kutani - The Luxury one:

A mere 25km south of the bustling metropolis of Dar es Salaam lies a  slice of paradise.  Ras Kutani rests between the deserted shores of the  Indian Ocean and the quiet inlets of a freshwater lagoon, creating an idyllic barefoot hideaway.


Ras Kutani-1

 The soul of Ras Kutani emanates from the never-ending stretches of  creamy white sand, broken only by footprints and the lapping of the cool blue waves; this sought-after beach solitude is the foundation of pure  relaxation and offers a stark contrast to East Africa's busier resorts.

Ras Kutani-4


Ras Kutani-5


Complimenting the sound of the surf is the oasis of calm surrounding  the lagoon, providing an ideal environment for stunning water birds. Enhancing this watery setting is a lush backdrop of virgin coastal  forest. Ras Kutani supports, protects and enhances this rare ecosystem  which boasts over 132 varieties of trees and is home to three species of monkey.

Ras Kutani-2

 From the breathtaking views from the private hillside suites, down  through the rustling palm trees, to the beachfront cottages, overlooking the warms waters of the Indian Ocean, is paradise personified: the  perfect secluded beach retreat on the Swahili coast.


Ras Kutani-3