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Rina Tours Ltd. is one of the most experienced, professional, and reliable tour companies  in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, East Africa.
Our company is completely Tanzanian owned  and operated. Rina Tours Ltd. happens to be more  representative of the wide variety of adventure travel that we offer.

Our team of skilled mountaineering and safari guides possess excellent knowledge of local flora  and fauna, and are all well-trained in their job We have guides that are proficient in English,  German, and Czech to make sure our clients have an unforgettable tour experience and life-long  memories of the wonderful countryside of Tanzania.

As a company, our focus is on organizing tours  with an ethical and professional approach to exceed tourist expectations. All our tours benefit the  indigenous people i.e. hard-working local porters and guides by creating job opportunities in order to  eradicate poverty. We utilize our natural resources sustainably for the benefits of present and future generations.

Richard Ngelula is the Founder and Managing Director of Rina Tour Ltd. After gaining experience working for various  companies as a guide, he decided that the time was right to set out and establish his own tour  company.

We warmly welcome you to our beautiful country,

Tanzania. Whatever your journey dreams for  Africa may be, it is our aspiration to realize them.

Thank you for visiting our website and feel warmly welcome.

Our staff


Richard Ngelula
Managing Director, Founder
Phone: +255-788-528609


Our partner, also a Tanzanian,
live with his family in Europe.

He have all informations to answer all of your questions. You can contact him direc.

Christopher Zacharia Lamec
Nizni Lhoty 69, Dobra 739 51
Czech Republic
Email: chrise.zacharia@gmail.com
Phone:  +420 737 366 852


Samson George Camir
Professional Guide and
Safari Organizer
Phone: +255-655-189596

Edna, Tanzanian
Administration and Operation Director

Samson George Camir

Our cars